Fred Thompson

Will Fred Thompson run?  I hope so…I have been underwhelmed by the other candidates on the republican side.  Of the front-runners, Thompson is clearly the most conservative.  He has also benefited from all the hype about whether he will or will not get into the race.  The last three polls at Rasmussen have shown Thompson in the lead for the republican nomination.

From all I have heard and read Thompson is truly in the Ronald Reagan mold.  I have had the opportunity to vote for him in the past – when he was a Senator from Tennessee and I can remember nothing that he said or did that would give me reason not to vote for him.  Now I am sure that if there is something he said or did that it will come out after he announces his intentions to run and then I will have to re-evaluate him as a candidate.  I was hoping the announcement was going to be made over the July 4th holiday but as of now I have not heard if it has.