“Thus says the LORD of hosts: Consider your ways.” (Haggai 1:7 ESV)

There is much in this simple command. This was written to the people of Judah who had return from the Babylonian captivity. They had neglected the commands of God to rebuild the temple. They had begun to put their desires above God’s commands. As a result, God had not blessed them.

In this simple command is an implied command to change our ways. God would not need to tell us to “consider our ways” if our ways were in line with His. I believe that today we also need to “consider our ways”. How are we living…in agreement with His will or not in agreement with His will?

Since there is the implied command to change our ways, what is stopping us from making the changes in our lives? First, we often do not put God in the position that He demands and deserves as Lord of our lives. Second, we tend to withhold parts of ourselves from Him. We say “God, you can be Lord of everything except this part of my life.” God is not interested in sharing His rightful Lordship. Third, we are afraid God will “cramp our style”. God will get in the way of our fun. Sin is fun…for a while, that is why we do it.

What would our lives be like if we actually made the changes God wanted us to make? What if we truly let Him be Lord? What would our world be like? Heaven…….


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