Lotteries regressive tax on poor

“However, the July 3 report says, lotteries indeed are a form of tax collecting — just as are taxes on other voluntarily purchased goods such as alcohol and tobacco.”

Saw this article on Baptist News.  All I can saw is….DUH!!!  That is borrowed from my 7 year old daughter.  How people cannot see the damage a lottery does to the very people it is “intended” to help is beyond me.  We instituted a lottery in Tennessee a couple years ago….the purpose was to fund higher education.  This is the same reason (in some form or another) everyone gives when wanting to raise taxes…“It is for the children”.

Statistically the people who play the lottery the most are those who can least afford to do so.  And what is more, this is a completely voluntary tax.  Payment of this tax is not mandated by any government agency at any level.  But people can’t wait to go the the convenience store so they can give their money to the state.

And what do they get in return for paying this voluntary tax?  What services does the state provide?  In Tennessee they get a chance to win millions of dollars in the lottery and they get to pay the college tuition for the kids of middle and upper class families.  I don’t mean to insult anyone but the statistics say that the kids of the poor families don’t go to college.  So that means that those who play the lottery (the poor) are paying the tuition, voluntarily, of those who do go to college.  Now that is a good deal for me.  I don’t play the lottery and will never play the lottery but I do appreciate the people of the State of Tennessee paying to send my kids (3 of them now) to college.

All this and I have not even mentioned the stewardship issue involved in gambling.  That may be a good topic for another post and another time.  I do encourage you though to read what the Bible says about stewardship.

One last thought, if you absolutely have to give your money away for no good reason then give it to me…I will put it to good use.  Otherwise, keep your money!!


2 Responses to Lotteries regressive tax on poor

  1. In an interview, David Stern (commissioner of the NBA) was asked what was the dumbest money he ever spent. After thinking a few seconds, he replied, “I bought a lottery ticket once.”


  2. n5odj says:

    Well sure, just walk into any convenience store & it’ll be obvious that lower income folks buy most of the lottery tickets. They’re also the ones behind whom I have to wait at the counter while they buy stacks of tickets. Grrrr !

    The Libertarian in me never likes to see taxes raised, however………..
    Our so called “progressive tax” wrongly puts a heavier tax burden on those who are responsible enough to get out and make some money. So I’m all for the lottery in that it gets the poor folks to actually pay some taxes. Nobody is making them pay that tax. (Don’t even get me started on the earned income tax credit, but that’s another topic altogether).

    You briefly mentioned stewardship. Well, I’d say that the poor people are likely not very good stewards anyway.

    Perhaps it’s just my job (insurance fraud investigator) that makes me cynical. I see too many people scamming the system…. entire families and neighborhoods of them….as a way of life.



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