What Bible translation do you use?

I use the English Standard Translation (ESV).  I switched to it a little over a year ago.  I teach out of it and use it for my personal reading Bible.   Before I switched I was using the New American Standard, which I still like very much.  I use both the ESV and the NASB when preparing my lessons.  As you can tell, I prefer the word-for-word translation method.  Some call it the essentially literal method.

There are lots of other good translations available so it is almost impossible to not find one that you like and can use.  There are also a few bad translation out there.  So please do your homework before switching.


2 Responses to BIBLE TRANSLATION……

  1. Briggie says:

    Hi Tom, it’s weird – when I’m just reading the word and not studying, I like my Spirit Filled Bible, when I study, I like to piggyback the Amplified along with my NIV and I just recently discovered the English Standard so I add that one as well.

    My husband prefers the Amplified for all his reading – but sometimes I don’t want all the extra stuff.

    When my kids were younger, I gave them the Living Bible because of it’s simplicity. I guess each version / translation has it’s purpose and which one you use depends on your purpose!


  2. Kenneth Vendler says:

    I use the NASB and ESV for the most part, but have been known to use the NIV on occasion. The church I go to uses the NKJV, which wouldn’t be a problem save for the Greek text it uses.


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