This is good news.  The people over at Answers in Genesis have a hit on their hands.  The Creation Museum looks like it will be lots of fun.  When it opened I showed my wife the online tour that they had and she surprised me by saying that she might like to go and not just for the kids.  I plan for us to go up sometime and visit.  But for now it seems that it might be a little crowded – 100,000 visitors in 2 months is just under 1,700 per day. 

What is truly interesting it that I have heard that the Creation Museum actually shows evolution in its exhibits.  Now I don’t mean that it teaches evolution but that it actually shows both sides of the issue.  That is confidence.  When we have God on our side how can we help not being VERY confident.  If you get a chance this might be a good trip


7 Responses to CREATION MUSEUM

  1. laelaps says:

    Unfortunately Tom, the AiG museum does not present evolution accurately, and most of the arguments used are no different than in the AiG tracts like “The Lie” and “Refuting Evolution” (and AiG hasn’t always been honest about their claims, like those of “unfossilized” dinosaur bones). If you’re headed that way, you’d do better to visit Big Bone Lick State Park where real paleontology is undertaken. If you’re interested in seeing how the AiG museum presents evolution (and gets most of it wrong) I reccomend Jason Rosenhouse’s 8-part review of his visit. Here are the links;


  2. h3nry says:

    Hi Tom, the museum doesn’t show the fact of evolution correct at all, that is why the scientific community is so strongly against it. If you are interested in the science of evolution, you are better off visiting some of the real science museums. Cheers.


  3. Tom says:

    I want to thank laelaps and H3nry for their opinions concerning the Creation Museum. To be honest these are the first negative reviews I have seen of the way present the facts but I have also not been searching for any reviews (good or bad).

    In full disclosure, I believe in a literal six day Creation as recounted in the Book of Genesis. I believe the Holy Bible is completely inerrant and infallible. I believe the “science of evolution” to be a myth, it is still an unproven theory. I believe that evolution is actually a religion and as such requires much faith on the part of the “believer”.

    I am actually looking forward to getting a chance to visit the Creation Museum…and I think my kids will like it too.


  4. laelaps says:

    Thanks for the reply Tom. I had figured that you agreed with AiG’s overall stance concerning Genesis and evolution, but I thought you might find some of Jason’s reviews to be useful (in terms of what’s there and what to expect).

    And not to draw out this into a larger debate, but you also might find the classic book A History of the Warfare of Science With Theology in Christendom by Andrew White (written in 1897) and George Adam Smith’s The Chaldean Account of Genesis to be of interest; both show how the Genesis account of the Bible was essentially lifted from Chaldean and Babylonian creation mythologies, the accounts being so similar that it has long been understood that the two conflicting creation stories at the beginning Genesis were not an actual account of the creation but rather borrowed mythology incorporated into a different belief system. I know you may disagree with such ideas, but if nothing else both books are worth a look if you really are interested in ancient theology and the origins of the Genesis story.


  5. Tom says:

    Here is a link to what the Institute for Creation Research said about the Creation Museum.

    Laelaps, I have heard the theory that Christians actually took the creation story from other cultures although I have not done any reading on the topic myself. One quick point, it seems to me that if other cultures have a creation story that is the same or similar to the Genesis story that it might lend some weight to the truthfulness of the Genesis account, not detract from it. Especially if the other cultures had nothing in common with the God’s people.


  6. Sally says:

    I think that people who oppose the museum should just stay out of it and quit griping about how much they hated it!


  7. Sally says:

    god cretaed us, the earth and everything in it I believe god and his word you all should change your minds soon before its too late!


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