I am a big college sports fan.  Football and basketball are my favorites.  My favorite college team is the University of Tennessee.  The college football season kicks off in about a month now.  This is a time of much anticipation for me.  By the time game day rolls around for the first game I will be worked up into a frenzy.  My wife and kids think I am crazy but what can you do?  On Saturday’s during football season my day is organized around the game.  Over the years my wife has come to accept this….but it took some time.

Who is your favorite team?  Do you share my enthusiasm for college football?




  1. Brett says:

    Who is my favorite team?
    Southern Ilinois Salukis (IAA in football or college division or whatever they call it now).
    In Division I, it’s the Vols
    The Vols. Although, I must admit, it’s getting more difficult for me to maintain my enthusiasm from this far away. I don’t have that problem, however, for my beloved St. Louis Cardinals or Southern Illinois Salukis. I think the difference is I became a Vols fan in my late 20s and then moved to FL at 30 yrs. old, whereas I’ve been a fan of the Cardinals and Salukis my whole life.

    Anyway, I’m going to see the OTHER ut play Central Florida on September 15th. The game will be on ESPN2 if you want to look for me. 🙂 It’s the first game in UCF’s new stadium.

    What are the prospects for the Vols this year?


  2. Tom says:

    The Vols are ranked 13th nationally (on average) in the preseason publications that have come out so far. Go to to see. They are picked everywhere from first to fourth in the SEC East Division. As with most years of Tennessee Football, their success comes down to how well they can run the ball and stop the opponent from running the ball. Overall the expectations do not appear to be too high. I would look for a 10-2 year.


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