Classical Arminianism

Found this blog yesterday.  It looks very good.  It bills itself as “A Defense of Arminianism from the Works of James Arminius.”  Looks like a good resource and I plan to spend some time seeing what all is there.

Classical Arminianism


2 Responses to Classical Arminianism

  1. astandard says:


    There is a danger of becoming too cold and academic when examining the issues of the Gospel. God intends for our whole beings to be gripped by Truth, not just our heads! Yet in the interest of being non-prejudicial, one can actually inadvertently tolerate a level of intellectual coldness that may not be all that spiritually healthy. You can be so concerned about being fair in examining Calvinism vs. Arminianism that you actually quench light that the Spirit might yield. God does not ultimately call us to be fair in these matters — He expects us to be right.

    Now having said that… Plugging the term ‘classical’ in front of any -ism tends to confer a certain measure of respectability to it. Is this responsible to do in the case of Arminianism? If Mormonism were an error, then wouldn’t “classical Mormonism” be just as offensive to God as any new variation of the stuff freshly cranked out of Hell?

    Old or new is not the issue then. What is biblical? So what if John Wesley, John Goodwin, and Arminius believed certain things? I guarantee they had to give an account to God for it. And they had many godly contemporaries censuring them all along the way before they even got to that point. We will have even less excuse if, when knowing all these things, we use their example to imitate their flaws rather than being warned about the pitfalls into which we ourselves might stumble.


  2. Billy says:


    I hope you are willing to aim that accusation in the face of John Calvin, Martin Luther, and Theodore Beza if they were wrong on their theology–what might they have had to “answer for” in the presence of God if their doctrines were wrong?

    I realize how tempting (and typical) it is for a Calvinist to claim that he has the right and biblical theology, but please show a little humility, brother; you could be wrong!

    Billy Birch


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