The Gospel: Offer or Command?

I think we are actually talking about salvation here.  I found the link to this article at  This is a question I have had in my study of Reformed Theology so I was interested in what had to say on the issue.  Click this link to read it yourself – Reformation Theology: The Gospel: Offer or Command?

One quote the author made caught my attention.  It is:  “But as we know, God gives us commands all the time that we are unable to carry out (Love God will all our hearts, obey the 10 commandments, believe in Jesus >John 6:65). The purpose of the Divine legislation is to reveal our sin and inability(Romans 3:19, 20), not our ability.”  Does God really give us commands that we cannot carry out?  Doesn’t this make God incredibly unjust.   Or, does God ordain the ends as well as the means? 

I think there are actually two different things at work here that are confused by the author of this article….unless I am misreading his post.  They are salvation and obedience of the believer.  When applied to salvation the question of offer or command (irresistible grace) is valid but when applied to obedience it is not. The examples cited by the author are of obedience and are not consistent with a discussion of salvation in the context of offer or command. 

Obedience is almost always left up to the choices of the believer.  By that I mean that God does not force His grace on believers.  Salvation is another matter all together.  The Bible tells us that God chose some people (the Elect) before the foundation of the world.  God is sovereign over his creation.  He can choose anyone He wants to for any reason He wants to (read my post on Unconditional Election).  In the past I have believed that salvation was offered but now I am not sure that is the case. 

So what is the answer?  Well, I am still working on that.


Days Spent Working to Pay Various Taxes in 2007

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What Is the Doctrine of Election?

John MacArthur continues his series on election. Here is an excerpt: 

“Yet as straightforward as the Word of God is, people continually have difficulty accepting the doctrine of election. The reason, again, is that they allow their preconceived notions of how God should act (based on a human definition of fairness) to override the truth of His sovereignty as laid out in the Scriptures.”

This article lays out the biblical foundation for the Doctrine of Election.  Click the link below to read the article.

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