What Is the Doctrine of Election?

John MacArthur continues his series on election. Here is an excerpt: 

“Yet as straightforward as the Word of God is, people continually have difficulty accepting the doctrine of election. The reason, again, is that they allow their preconceived notions of how God should act (based on a human definition of fairness) to override the truth of His sovereignty as laid out in the Scriptures.”

This article lays out the biblical foundation for the Doctrine of Election.  Click the link below to read the article.

Pulpit Magazine » Blog Archive » What Is the Doctrine of Election?


3 Responses to What Is the Doctrine of Election?

  1. Good link but I believe it should be titled “a” Doctrine of Election of which there are more than one.


  2. rincrast says:

    Pastor Warren:

    I suppose that would be correct. It would have been better to qualify it. The line should have said “the Biblical Doctrine of Election” for indeed, there can only be one of those. 😀



  3. Abel Ramirez says:

    Read a new article on the doctrine of election at:


    See what you think.

    God Bless!


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