Taking over junior youth class

Starting in September, my wife and I will be taking over the discipleship of the junior youth at our church. This is made up of the middle school students who attend our church and in our town that is 5th – 7th grades. ARE WE CRAZY? Probably so.

We have agreed to this for a couple reasons. First, there was a need. Before this change, this group was of the regular youth. This made for a wide age range. Since our youth group is small it was not too big of a problem but this age group will be growing a lot in the next couple years as the kids from the children’s program move up. Second, our oldest daughter will move into this group starting next month. She is at a very important stage of her spiritual development (she is almost 11) and we were afraid that someone would be put in that position whose teachings would be in conflict with what we are teaching her. Lastly we have a strong desire to help these kids get started with a good solid foundation. This foundation could affect the rest of their lives. The responsibility is enormous but with God’s guidance we will have a positive influence on the kids.

Please pray for my wife and I and the kids that we will have an opportunity to teach.


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