Am I a…….Reluctant Calvinist?

I was talking to someone in a chat channel a little while back an we were discussing my study of Reformed Theology.  She was telling me of her coming to the Reformed position in her theology and how for a time she a reluctant Calvinist (this was her description).  As I was reading and thinking this morning a question came to me – Am I a reluctant Calvinist?  Now, I know that in the last year and a half my theology has been moving in the reformed direction but have I moved that far.

As I began to reflect on this I realized that I actually agreed with 4 points (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Irresistible Grace, & Perseverance of the Saints) of the TULIP before I started studying it.  Of the 4, Irresistible Grace was the only one I thought I did not agree with but as I have studied it I realized that what I thought it meant and what it actually means in Calvinism were not the same.  I had always believed that in order to be saved that God must first open your eyes to the truth.  This is basically regeneration and is what Irresistible Grace applies to.

This only leaves Limited Atonement.  I am still struggling with this (see Limited Atonement).  I understand how it fits logically into the TULIP but there is something that still gives me pause.  It may be because that it is what I learned first.  It may be because of some presupposition I hold.  It may be because in God’s sovereign plan it is not time for me to move past this.  I understand that God has the right to limit the atonement to the Elect only if He so chooses.  It is His sovereign right as Creator.  It does not seem to be consistent with His nature as shown through the entire Bible.  Now, I understand that most Calvinist will say that it is entirely consistent with His nature….if I can come to this position then at that point I would probably consider myself Reformed.

So back to the question.  Is a person who holds to 4 points and is struggling through the fifth to be considered a reluctant Calvinist?  I am not sure…what do you think?


One Response to Am I a…….Reluctant Calvinist?

  1. krislinatin says:

    I go to a reformed church and believe calvins points thru the lens of scripture.
    Faith in Gods Sovereignty should be the overall umbrella that covers all calvins points, and in believing in His sovereignty, we believe in all His attributes tog. and that what He does, He does for our good, for us to in turn glorify, obey and enjoy Him forever. {westminster catechsim Q #1}
    try to resist the labels, you are a follower of Christ [a christian] learning His Word, discerning His will for your life.
    I believe the way calvin believes, but when it comes down to real life questions, that’s when the convictions can waver.
    for example, if limited atonement is right, then not all babies go to heaven when they die. babies that God has chosen before time to be His, go to heaven but not all babies do.
    My friend and I have argued about this and its a sad thing, to really think out these points to the logical conclusions and know that not all are saved, not come to saving faith, not because they don’t choose to believe but because God has not called them to come/believe.
    a person really has to have a strong faith in what they believe and a humility to understand it’s not in our power to do anything, it’s Gods power and His right.
    I commend you for really looking at scripture, studying it and striving to understand it.
    Many people don’t really know why they believe, or what all of what their ‘religion’ believes and I think its a real detriment to the believer and one who seeks out answers from that believer.
    In time, if it is His will you will understand more fully, as will we all.
    Soapbox: thats another good reason to always to be the Word!
    ok, I’m done, bless you!


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