Where’d All These Calvinists Come From?

Mark Dever has written a 10 part series to answer this question.  I have only read the first two so far.  They seem interesting.  In the first one (click this link to read it Church Matters: 9Marks Blog) Dever mentions the influence of C.H. Spurgeon and his sermons as one of the primary influences of the resurgence of Calvinism in the SBC.  In the second, Dever mentions the influence of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  I have heard of Spurgeon (I don’t think you can be a Baptist and not know Spurgeon) but I am not familiar with Lloyd-Jones.  I will do some research on him to see what I can find on him and his sermons.

I am looking forward to reading the remaining posts by Dever.


2 Responses to Where’d All These Calvinists Come From?

  1. Brett says:

    Iain Murray’s biography of MLJ is outstanding and one of my all-time favorite reads. I’ve read this two-volume tome twice. I’ve got 30-40 MLJ books. Where to start?

    Try Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure, “Out of the Depths, or Authority. His New Testament exposition are all outstanding in my opinion. He can get wordy at times and has a tendency to declare every message and passage as the most important, but I’ve never encountered a more thorough, clear-thinking, persausive, and Gospel-focused preacher.

    John Piper listens to a MLJ message every week while he exercise. You ,too, can listen to him on the web at http://www.mlj.org.uk/ where they post a weekly message for free.

    Justin Taylor, reporting on John Piper’s address at the Gospel Coalition conference: “Piper began by saying that, in his opinion, Lloyd-Jones is the greatest preacher of the 20th century. Piper listens to him every Monday morning. Every preacher should go to http://www.mlj.org.uk. We are shaped by those we hear.”


  2. John Shore says:

    Hi, Tom. I’m a Christian book author who likes your blog very much. Relative to this particular post and subject, I thought that (for a … well, much lighter take)you might enjoy a piece I wrote called “Free Will vs. Predestination: Can’t Anyone Give Me a HARD Problem to Solve?”

    It’s here: http://johnshore.wordpress.com/2007/07/25/free-will-vs-predestination-can%e2%80%99t-anyone-give-me-a-hard-problem-to-solve/

    Anyway, great job on your blog!


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