Five reasons to be excited about the upcoming season

It is almost football time in Tennessee and I have the fever.  Two weeks until kickoff at California.  This is a nice little article about 5 upcoming stars at UT.  Enjoy….. 

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2 Responses to Five reasons to be excited about the upcoming season

  1. tsos20 says:

    As a Green Bay Packers fan, I am concerned that Brett Favre’s last season will be less than hoped for. The packers have done nothing to improve and lost Ahman Green. I wrote 2 articles entltled
    “Wake Up Green Bay!”,

    I don’t know why people follow college sports so closely. As an athlete who played both college and pro ball, I believe the fans interested in college ball should be the students and recent alumni.
    After that we should follow the pro’s. They play the better brand of ball and the game is their business. If we can’t get to a major league venue, there are minor league clubs all over. I played in the college world series and faced much less stiff competition than I did in rookie ball.
    The Sultan on Sports


  2. Tom says:

    I have been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan but I don’t follow them as closely as I used to. In fact I don’t follow any pro sports as much as I used to.

    I have also been a lifelong University of Tennessee fan….my blood runneth orange. In most sports I will agree that the better brand of ball is played in the pros – basketball is the one notable exception. The business part of pro sports is one of the things that turned me against them. I got tired of watching millionaire athletes who could not make half their free throws, getting in trouble with the law and getting slapped on the wrists, striking and whining about various things, forgetting that the fans are the reason they are able to make millions of dollars playing a game in the first, etc., etc., etc.

    To me the atmosphere of the college games is much better also. I enjoy going to Neyland Stadium or Thompson-Boling Arena. It is a truly awesome experience to be with 105,000 of your closest friends, all dressed in orange, and rooting the Vols on to victory. The few pro games I have been to just don’t compare.


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