Groups Rally For, Against Planned Arabic-Themed Public School

Now, I am confused…no don’t laugh, I know it is not hard to get me confused.  How can a PUBLIC school anywhere in this country have a theme?  Especially a religious one?  Doesn’t everyone know that the liberals believe in this mythical concept known as separation of church and state.  Where is the ACLU?  Where are the Democrats?  Why are they not throwing a fit about this?  Can you imagine if this was a Christian-themed public school.  We would be talking about a melt-down of mythical proportions. 

Truthfully I would not like it but if this were a private school I would not have anything to complain about.  But this means that tax money will support programs and people who may be indoctrinating children who will become the next generation of terrorists.  I am over reacting…maybe but better safe than sorry in this case. 

Anyway… the article here – MyFox New York | Groups Rally For, Against Planned Arabic-Themed Public School


3 Responses to Groups Rally For, Against Planned Arabic-Themed Public School

  1. I think you might be interested to know that it is an Arab-themed Public school, not Muslim themed at all. Arab does not equal Muslim. Most Arab immigrants to the United States are Christian. There are more Chinese Muslims of Arab Muslims. Arabs make a whopping 12% of Muslims. My Arab Christian friends who support the school become very frustrated with this type of thing. This type of school is like a Spanish immersion school where the theme is Spanish language etc. My older sister works in a Spanish themed Public school. Like they say Arabic is the new Spanish. Due to current events, regular American kids that attend this school will be way better equipped to deal with what our country will need to deal with in the future.


  2. Tom says:

    The problem is that there should not be any themed public schools…the are supposed to be teaching the 3 R’s. If there are children of other cultures and languages attending a school then they should teach them english and help the to assimilate into our culture not avoid it like this. This is essentially a waste of tax dollars – which a forcibly taken from the pocket of every working American.


  3. point taken
    a themed school should probably be private true


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