What is an Everyday Christian?

I am glad you asked. Let me begin by telling you what it is not. Then I will, by contrast, be able to give you a clearer picture of what a true Everyday Christian is.

An Everyday Christian is not:

  1. A Christian who does his/her duty for 1 hour every week by going to church.
  2. A Christian who puts his/her Bible on the shelf each Sunday afternoon and does not touch it again until the following Sunday morning
  3. A Christian who thinks of God as a magic genie in a bottle to be brought out only in times of need
  4. A Christian who lives one way on Sunday and another way the rest of the week
  5. A Christian whose friends and co-workers are shocked when they find out he/she is a “Christian”
  6. A Christian who is embarrassed when asked to bless the food or pray in public
  7. A Christian who is unwilling or unable to tell you what they believe and why
  8. A Christian who is unwilling to take a stand on moral issues
  9. A Christian you want praying for you when you REALLY need to touch Heaven with your problems
  10. A Christian who when asked to help in some area immediately starts looking for excuses to get out of it

Now, lets look at what makes up a true Everyday Christian. An Everyday Christian is:

  1. A Christian who enjoys and looks forward to being able to attend worship services..not just Sunday morning, but also Sunday night and Wednesday night
  2. A Christian who enjoys reading the Bible and does so on a regular basis
  3. A Christian who looks for opportunities to serve God through the ministries of his/her church
  4. A Christian who values their relationship with God and wants to spend time with Him on a regular basis
  5. A Christian whose friends and co-workers do not have to be told that he/she is a Christian – they see it in his/her actions everyday
  6. A Christian who is willing to boldly tell anyone who will listen what Jesus has done for him/her
  7. A Christian who takes the time to understand what the teachings of God’s Word are and applies them to his/her life
  8. A Christian who boldly takes a stand on the moral issues of our day
  9. A Christian who realizes that our time on this earth is short and our real home is in Heaven
  10. A Christian who wans his/her family and friends to be in Heaven with them also
  11. A Christian who daily seeks God’s will for his/her life

These lists are not exhaustive. Please feel free to add anything to either list that you think should be added.


4 Responses to What is an Everyday Christian?

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  2. Wow, those are seriously clear!

    It’s good for us to look at and see just how far we’ve gone from what and who the real Church and Christians were in the first century after Christ.

    Have you ever read any of the early Church writings from the 1st and 2nd century?

    They give a real and vivid picture of how the early Church, directly descended and taught by the apostles walked and talked.


  3. Tom Shelton says:


    I have not read anything by the early church leaders. Maybe at some point in the future I will get a chance to. What would you recommend?


  4. My friend Shammah has a great bookstore on his website, Christian History for Everyman. It’s a pretty extensive site full of info about the Church. His specialty is 2nd Century Christianity.

    But the book I’d specifically recommend is Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers (Penguin Classics)
    It’s got a lot of essentials from that era. The letters from Polycarp and Clement are particularly convicting.

    Another way to read a huge amount, which can be seriously overwhelming, (not to mention boring drudgery to find the good stuff) is to use the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. It’s a wonderful free source of pretty much anything that you can think of from our Christian Heritage.

    But I’d suggest first taking a look at my friend’s site, as he’s simplified and organized it in a fairly accessible way.

    God bless



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