Immigratation article by Ann Coulter

This is a good article on illegal immigration.  Click here to read it.

Our country is being invaded by these illegals and we are footing the bill for our own destruction.  When are we going to get a clue.  Now, let me be clear – I do not have a problem with legal immigration.  I believe it is good for our country but illegal immigration is a different animal.  We will never be able to protect our nation until this problem is fixed.  It is not un-American or biggoted or any other negative label you want to use to expect, no DEMAND, that our government take the necessary steps to stop people from breaking our laws.  On that note Ann Coulter says what many of us are thinking but not saying.  Keep up the good work Ann.


4 Responses to Immigratation article by Ann Coulter

  1. Sisco says:

    Coulter spews bile and venom. Do you think she’s acting in a Christian-like manner? She is an emissary of hatred and bigotry. Do you think that’s Christ-like?


  2. Tom says:

    I will admit that I do not always agree with the way she says some things but what she says is usually on target. Why is it alright for liberals to use the same kind of language and tactics and people do not call them to task for it?

    I do not know if Ann Coulter is a Christian or not. That would be interesting to know. As far as acting Christ-like, speaking the truth in love is always Christ-like. Does Coulter say what she does in love? Probably not, but that makes her just like the rest of us.


  3. Totally Confused by Dogmatic Hypocricy says:

    It is really a shame. I believe that Ann Coulter is the epitomy of vileness, and that she has some deep seated phychological problems that make her the vicious excuse for a human that she is. But as i began to read her article, i found myself agreeing with her.

    But as usual, she once again sank to her usual disgusting level, by making the intelligent arguments she started out with, into an ignorant attack on liberals.

    Left-wing church? I thought that most of the churches involved in protecting illegals were catholic. Ah, yea, right again Ann. I guess the compassionate conservatives are not believers in the catholic persuasion. But if your going to take on liberals, start attacking them at the core of their beliefs and direct your vile at the catholics.

    Conservatives (say Republicans), are in agreement with you? Then why are so many republican business men bringing them in here, and have even the support of Mr. Decider. Is his plan to welcome even more of them with certain kinds of worker exemptions a real solid way to keep them out? Why dont you go after the ultra-rich business executives that bring them here to enrich themselves? How about attacking the country of Mexico, which is gaining economically from the monies returned to their country, and socially by ridding themselves of their poor, uneducated, large sized families under the less than watchful eye of President Fox.

    After all, didnt we learn anything from Fidel after he staged the great coup of emptying his prisons and exporting his criminal population to us? I think every south american country did.


  4. coffee says:

    whatever happened to Ann Coulter? she seems to make a fewer public appearances nowadays


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