Where’d All These Calvinists Come From? Part 5

 Continuing with the series of posts by Mark Dever at his blog (click here to read it: Church Matters: 9Marks Blog).  In part 5 Dever makes a point I had not considered before….he attributes the controversy over the inerrancy of the Bible in the 1970’s and 1980’s as playing a part in the resurgence of Calvinism.  As the inerrancy debate took shape it gave many of the defenders larger audiences for their teaching…many of these defenders were Calvinists.  Dever mentions several by name:  Jim Boice, RC Sproul, Jim Packer, Carl F. H. Henry, and Roger Nicole.  He goes on to say “In the 1970’s and 1980’s, many young ministers were being educated theologically by theologians who had Calvinistic soteriology and a Reformed understanding of God and of His work with humanity.”

Basically, those who were learning reformed theology in the 70’s and 80’s are the ones teaching it today.  It seems to be taking root in our SBC seminaries and that means it will be around for a long time.


4 Responses to Where’d All These Calvinists Come From? Part 5

  1. David Hewitt says:

    I only hope that it will; perhaps God is giving us a revival of biblical theology in His church. I pray that it is so, and that the Reformation will continue!



  2. PB and J says:

    david hewitt

    i am not defending “calvinism” because i dont consider myself one, but you make it sound like “calvinism” is opposed to the Bible?!!!



  3. Tom says:

    PB and J

    I don’t want to speak for Dave but I think you have misunderstood his comment. He is a Calvinist and the revival he mentions is the continued spread of Reformed Theology. So I believe he might say that this revival is actually bringing us back to the Bible.

    Dave, if I am wrong please correct me.


  4. PB and J says:

    dave, i am sorry if i misunderstood you.

    tom, thanks for the clarification. i guess i misunderstood the comment. on another note, however, isnt it possible to be “reformed” and not “calvinist”? furthermore, are we as followers of Christ to follow Paul or Cephas or Calvin? or are we followers of Christ?



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