Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


I saw this movie mentioned by Tom Ascol at his blog over at The Founders Ministry.  It sounded interesting so I went to the movies website and looked around.  Now I am really interested.  The movie is going to expose what happens to scientists who dare to question Darwinism.  They are basically expelled from the scientific community. 

For an example of how they are viewed check out the comments section of these posts on this very blog.  Read this one and this one

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


One Response to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

  1. Cormac says:

    Every biologist in the world is expected to “question” evolutionary theory. There is a reason the current theory is called “Neo-Darwin” evolutionary theory, because the theory itself has changed quite a bit in the 150 years biologists have been looking at it, and it is still changing as scientists learn more about how evolution works.

    The problem is of course that Creationists hate the idea of evolution, and would much prefer that science presented evidence of Intelligent Design. To them this is how the world must be because they believe strongly that God exists and did design the world. Therefore to them the only logical explanation as to why science doesn’t reflect this fact is that “big science” must be suppressing this obvious truth. It looks like Ben Stein has fallen into this trap of believing the hype.

    For example the movie cites the case of Guillermo Gonzalez, who was not given tenure at Iowa state university. Gonzalez believes that God created the universe and that evidence of this creation can be observed in the stars. When he was refused tenure the Discovery Institute rallied behind him because they assumed that he must have not got tenure because of this religious belief. This would fit with their world view that science is attempting to suppress the obvious truth about the universe.

    The problem was that Gonzalez didn’t get tenure because he had no funding and only one student. He wouldn’t have got tenure anywhere with that track record, and others who had nothing to do with the debate about evolution and ID didn’t get tenure either. There is no evidence that Gonzalez’s religious beliefs had anything to do with him not getting tenure. He just wasn’t very good.

    That of course doesn’t stop Creationists groups like the Discovery Institute from proclaiming that an example like this is clear evidence that science is attempting to suppress the truth about the universe and censor scientists who dare try and demonstrate this.

    I can’t really blame them, they seem to genuinely believe that this is the truth about the universe and cannot understand why science has so far not discovered this. To them it must be a conspiracy.


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