Football Time In Tennessee

Tomorrow is the day Tennessee fans have been waiting for. Tomorrow we will get to hear “Wherever you are….Its Football time in Tennessee”. Those of us who have been fans for more than the last 10 years know the origin of that comment. I can truly say that even though the current announcers are good they are NOT John Ward and Bill Anderson. I really miss listening to John and Bill calling the game.

I remember my wife thinking I was crazy and wondering what kind of guy she had married the first time she was with me while I watched the Vols play. The standard procedure for listening to a game, when John and Bill were still the announcers, was to turn the sound off on the TV and listen to John and Bill on the radio while watching the game. My wife, who has lived in TN her entire life, could not believe I was doing this. What’s more, she would not listen when I tried to explain it to her. It was not until she went to work the following week and was telling her co-workers about what her crazy new husband did and her co-workers confirming to her that all true TN fans watched the game that way that she actually believed me. She still thought it was crazy though….and still does today.

So, as you prepare to watch the game tomorrow night….turn the sound down on the TV, turn on the radio and enjoy.  For old times sake click here to hear John Ward say “Its Football Time In Tennessee”

Go Vols!!!!


2 Responses to Football Time In Tennessee

  1. Brett says:

    Doesn’t it seem strange to say that the Cal offense was just too fast for the Vol defense? What an impressive offensive display by the Golden Bears.


  2. Tom says:

    Yes, it was the worst defensive performance by Tennessee that I have seen in many years. I was so worked up that it was after 1am before I could go to bed.

    The only good thing is that they were not playing Appalachian State!!


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