Clearing Up Some Common Misperceptions of "Particular Redemption"

This (Clearing Up Some Common Misperceptions of “Particular Redemption” (Monergism)) was posted over at Monergism.  It seems that I am finding a lot of posts about Limited Atonement lately.  What makes it interesting is that I have not been actively searching for them. 

Of the 3 points made in the post, only the last one was new to me.  It says “Calvinists and non-Calvinists alike believe there are some benefits in the atonement to all persons, and redemptive benefits only to some.”  I am not sure that I have ever seen this point made before.  Basically it is saying that all people, even the non-elect, receive some benefit from the Atonement.  The Elect receive redemption and the non-elect receive a postponement of judgement.  I can understand this point but it really does not change anything.  The Elect are still elect and the non-elect are not elect.  Their judgment is still coming…when does not really matter in the grand scheme of things.


2 Responses to Clearing Up Some Common Misperceptions of "Particular Redemption"

  1. David Hewitt says:

    Monergism is a great wealth of information about the historic biblical understanding of grace. 🙂

    What you mentioned above as the “non-redemptive” benefits from the Atonement are often referred to as part of Common Grace, which I am sure is also a large topic over at monergism. 🙂



  2. Billy Birch says:

    You made a good point there at the end of your comment — which is, I guess, typical of me to appreciate 😉

    I would add that we all, Reformed and non-Reformed, limit the atonement in some sense (to believers only).



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