Rudy Giuliani says illegal immigration is NOT a crime

He made this statement in an interview with Glenn Beck. Click here to read the transcript. If it is not a crime then don’t we have to rename it. I mean, the word “illegal” sure implies that it is, well……illegal. I know what you are saying, those people should not be called illegal aliens because it might hurt their feelings or their self esteem. The proper term is undocumented workers.  But does that really solve the problem? If they are undocumented that means they did not follow the proper channels to immigrate here legally. So then we are right back to the term illegal.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not against immigration when it is done according to our laws and regulations. Done properly, immigration is good for our country. Done wrong, these people are a drag on our economy. They force the rest of us to pay higher taxes and insurance premiums. The will never produce more for the economy than they take from it. Now I will get off my soapbox.

Having said all that, can we really nominate a guy to run for the Presidency of the United States who feels this way about such an important issue! The answer is a resounding NO!!! How do the American people feel about this issue? Ask John McCain – his campaign has been sunk because of his support for the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.

Thankfully we have an alternative – Vote for Fred Thompson!


4 Responses to Rudy Giuliani says illegal immigration is NOT a crime

  1. reusha2000 says:

    Rudy must think he is the writer of Websters dictionary. The American people don’t need him dictating anything. His thought processes are wrong. He is a major author and reason this countries ILLEGAL immigrant problems are out of whack. Instead of rewarding him with the presidency, he should be “SUED” by legal citizens, harmed by his ILLEGAL policies in New York.
    He wants to sound tougher on ILLEGAL immigration now. But if he’s elected it would be George Bush #2, all over again!


  2. Mildred Donis says:

    Rudy Giuliani you know that people certainly won’t want to vote for someone who fels this way about immigrationa nd the whole issue. You need to think that if anything the real immigrants aren’t them because before anybody the indians where her. You also need to take into consideration your parents or did you forget that they where Italian Immigrants. It’s easy for yo to say that you don’t support immigration but think about everything and how many children are hurt and will continue to get hurt if we send back all the immigrants.Leave that to the side do you tink that Americans are going to want to work in all the places immigrants work the answers is No!!!! so take everything in cosideration beforeyou make a stand on immigration.


  3. Totally Confused by Dogmatic Hypocricy says:

    It is time to remove the plaque from the Statue of Liberty and replace it with a sign stating that the inn is full. When that beacon of hope was erected, this country was far from the 300,000,000 people that now reside here. As we should all be able to see, we are far beyond the abilility to care for the numbers now here, let alone continue our policy of inviting any and every one in the world to keep coming.

    America is not growing in land. We are already fighting over water supplies throughout the country, with the latest battle occuring between Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Salt marshes are disappearing, flood plains are being built on, and open space is disappearing at alarming rates.

    Global warming has finally been forced into the open, after having been hidden for years behind the greedy designs of those businesses and industries that profit from the overpopulation of this country. I guess the melting of the ice pack is just something that can no longer be denied.

    More directly, look at the homeless in this country. Look at the uninsured in this country, look at the survivors of the New Orleans tradgedy and the verterans returning from Georgies private war, to easily recognize that we are not caring for the people already here. Why do we continue to encourage or at least allow more poor, uneducated and even criminal elements to invade this country.

    Americans wont do the work that the illigal immigrants do? I believe that is because we give them no incentive to do so. For example, for people on assistance, as soon as they obtain work, all their welfare benefits are forfieted. How about reducing those benefits on a pro-rated basis depending on the job, but making it mandatory to take a job, regardless of whether it is as a CEO of an Atlantic City casino, or picking vegetables in a field. Of course we wont take these jobs with absolutly no incentive to do so, but also remember that the beneficiaries of this practice are enriched by paying wages that are illegal under our laws.

    American citizens can complain about sub minimum wages. Who does the illegal alien complain to. This is not a humane policy carried out by high-minded people. This is slavery in a fancy package based completely and totally on greed. (If children born here suffer from the deportation of their parents, it is the fault of the parents and not of this country. What sort of parents would leave their children behind if they are deported. Not parents i want raising children in this country.)

    I will get off my soapbox by stating that if we cannot stop the invasion of this country by those supposedly yearning for a better life, why the hell do we think that we can stop terrorists if they as determined to get here as the illegal aliens are?


  4. Tom says:

    Totally Confused said

    American citizens can complain about sub minimum wages. Who does the illegal alien complain to. This is not a humane policy carried out by high-minded people. This is slavery in a fancy package based completely and totally on greed.

    Why does the illegal alien have a right to complain about anything? They are here illegally….that means they broke the law….they are criminals. They chose to come here and put themselves into the positions they are in because it is better here than in their own country. I have respect for someone wanting to better themselves and their families but they need to follow the rules and come here legally. They should not be rewarded in any way for their actions….they should be rounded up, sent back to their home country, and if they are found here a second time then they should be jailed.


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