Remembering 9-11

I was thinking about tomorrow being 9-11 and decided to see if I could find the videos of the planes hitting the towers and the towers collapsing. A quick Google search had many hits for websites that have the videos. We should be watching these videos every day. They should be played on network TV every single day. No commentary is necessary…just show the videos. People need to be reminded what happened. I watch these and still get chills. May God have mercy on our country.

Americans have a short memory. Politicians count on and exploit that for their own personal gain. When are we going to wake up to the realities of our world today. Christians in particular need to be informed of local, national, and world politics and events and the repercussions of these realities. As you reflect on what tomorrow means take a moment to think about how we understand events and how we need to respond to them.

Click here and here to view the 9-11 videos. I do not know about everything on this website – I only checked out the videos. Remember…and pray. Pray!! Pray!!


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