Proof That “Common Sense” Is Not So Common

Saw this article posted on Drudge.  Apparently Hobbton High School has banned the wearing of all flags no matter which country the flag represents.  Now, remind me again which country we live in.  And who funds this, and every other public, school — oh yeah, it is the American taxpayer.

The “superintendent of schools says educators didn’t want to be forced to pick and choose which flags should be permissible.”  He is another example of why our country is imploding.  People are no longer willing to make decisions and stand by them.  How hard would it have been to simply say that the only flag permissible is the flag of the United States of America…if for no other reason than that is the country that we live in.  I bet this school has also banned the Pledge of Allegiance.

But this is another terrible example of the world we now live in…that being the world created by wackos like the ACLU.  Where people are so afraid of offending someone (who is a minority in one way or another) that the rights and the freedoms of the majority are taken away from us.  When are we going to quit putting up with this kind of thing and take back our country?  It will not happen until we as a nation REPENT and turn back to God.  God grant us this…that we REPENT and return to you.


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