Constitution Day

This is a holiday that I was not familiar with.  I am ashamed to say that because I should be familiar with it….we ALL should.  Click here to read a brief article about Constitution Day.

On September 17, 1787 the delegates to the Constitutional Convention had finally hammered out the final details of the document we call our Constitution.  The enormity of this task is almost beyond comprehension.  The only credible explanation is that God had his hand on the whole process.  This does not mean that our Constitution is divinely inspired the same way that the Bible is….I am not saying that.  I am just saying that God had given these men the wisdom and skills necessary to complete the Constitution.

Our problem today is that we try to redefine the Constitution.  We say that it is a living document.  A living document is defined as a document that changes as the times change.  New meanings are found as the values of the people who are interpreting it change.  This is NOT how our Constitution was designed.  It was NOT how it was intended by our countries fore-fathers.  To see what their intentions were read the Federalist Papers.

If you have not read the Constitution or have not read it in a while consider taking the time to do it.   It will be worth your time.


One Response to Constitution Day

  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the Constitution Day reminder.

    I, too, was not familiar with it. Some communities have celebrated it for some time. However, celebratory events have increased since schools and colleges that receive federal funding are now required by law to have such events. It is sad that a law is what motivates people. It is also sad and funny, because such a law is probably unconstitutional.

    It is important to recogize, as we are reminded, that the Constitution is law. Congress and the president must consider the constitution in all actions. This is crucial in keeping government under control, in preventing circumstances from taking us to where we don’t want to go.

    Let’s improve our knowledge of the Constitution.


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