Landmark study: Change for homosexuals is possible

This (Baptist Press – Landmark study: Change for homosexuals is possible – News with a Christian Perspective) is BIG news and will no doubt be heavily criticized.  The first paragraph says “In what some are calling groundbreaking research, a new four-year study concludes it is possible for homosexuals to change their physical attractions and become heterosexual through the help of Christian ministries.” 

Those who advocate the homosexual lifestyle as being normal and mainstream will be on the warpath after this.  The fact remains though that this lifestyle is a choice and like any choice it can be un-chosen.  People can change their behavior.  “These findings contradict directly the commonly expressed views of the mental health establishment that change in sexual orientation is impossible, and that if you attempt to change it’s highly likely to produce harm for those who make such an attempt,” said Stanton L. Jones, professor of psychology at Wheaton College in Illinois.

It will be interesting to see the reactions to this study in the next few days and weeks.  The bottom line is simple – God is still in control and He can and will change lives when He decides to.  May He choose to do so in the lives of those caught in this lifestyle.


9 Responses to Landmark study: Change for homosexuals is possible

  1. Farthel says:

    question is, is it worthy?


  2. Tom says:

    YES….He is worthy!!

    Worthy of our worship and praise…..and so much more.


  3. Brian says:

    Actually, there is no scientific evidence, duplicated across peer reviewed studies, that prove homosexuality is a “choice.” Genetic evidence suggests that, at least to some degree, people have a strong disposition to homosexuality. Social conditions no doubt also play a role in their orientation. With all due respect to Jones and Yarhouse, faculty at a very conservative university (Wheaton) and admitted evangelicals, placing a strong insinuation of bias on their study, I would prefer to here from the hard science’s, such as geneticts, rather than a soft science such as pschology. This study, to show any validity, will have to be duplicated several times through double blind studies by researchers with different associations.

    Sorry, but as of today, that dog just don’t hunt.


  4. Tom says:

    I agree that the study needs to be duplicated. I think that is the proper thing to do.

    All researchers have bias, not just evangelical conservative researchers. To be a good study those biases must be acknowledged and accounted for in the study. Having a strong disposition to something does not force one to do it. It is still a choice we make. Alcoholics may have a strong disposition to becoming alcoholic but if they choose not to start drinking then they can avoid the consequences of their choice. Same principle with homosexuality.


  5. wordforit says:

    You’re right on the point of “free will” and alcoholics being similar to any other behavior/activity we choose to engage in. We are a society of excuses. I believe in loving and supporting each other through crises, but condoning is another matter! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I’m straight. Does this mean I can train myself to be gay?


  7. Tom says:

    I suppose so…but for your sake I would hope you choose not to.


  8. LOL. Of course not.

    But here’s the thing: in most countries in the world, it’s not easy to be gay. Why would people choose this lifestyle knowing it meant derision and potential conflicts, without any real benefit?

    At a church I used to go to, there was a guy who struggled with homosexuality. He even married a women to try to cover it up, but the feelings were still there. In other words, it seemed to be biological.

    IMO, a better explanation (in Biblical terms) would be that every person has their own strengths and weaknesses–some are prone to anger, some to pride, some are gay.

    (Discloser: I’m not even Christian, and don’t consider homosexuality in and of itself to be a moral issue.)

    I will have to refer my parents to your site. They are very interested in all things Reformist.


  9. Tom says:


    I agree that we all have our weaknesses. The fact that we have the weakness is not a sin, it is simply part of our sinful nature. Our choice to act upon the weakness is what creates the sin. So, having a sinful nature that attempts to lead you toward anger, pride, or homosexuality is not the sin. Giving in to our nature is what causes the sin. It is our choice to act or not act.


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