The Welfare State Shown in Graph Form


This (click here) is extremely disappointing and scary. How long can our nation survive if the trend shown on this graph continues? Not long. It is time that the attitude of the people in our nation changes. Unfortunately that will not happen at this point. We have gone too far. Our only hope now is for God to send revival and to change people’s hearts.

Father, help us to repent of our current sinful nature. Help us to return to the narrow path that leads to You. Have mercy on our nation even though we are not worthy of Your mercy. Send true revival to our nation so we can return to trusting You for all things. AMEN


5 Responses to The Welfare State Shown in Graph Form

  1. This has as much to do with the aging of our population as anything. With the baby boomers starting to retire, it’s absolutely natural that the percentage of people working is going to go down.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to worry about. But I don’t see what repenting of sins has to do with this.


  2. Tom says:


    I am was referring to the attitude in our country that some people have today. That being that someone owes them something and they are entitled to receive handouts…even if the money has to be forcibly taken from people who are producing (working) in our country. That attitude is what we need revival for. One of the things anyway.


  3. panoramia says:

    You’ve just clearly defined taxes, Tom.
    Without axes, no state. Without state, no US 9 trillion dollar national debt—did you know that at one million dollars per day, every day, it would take twenty-four thousand years to pay that debt? Wow!

    Don’t Christians have to give everything they have to God (or his agent, the church) because a rich man will find it easier to push a camel through the eye of a needle than get into heaven? Is this why churches are so enthusiastic about tithing, altruistically sacrificing their own chances of paradise by relieving the burden of wealth wherever possible?


  4. Tom says:


    Defined taxes? How so. I understand that taxes are necessary to fund the Constitutionally mandated functions of governments of all levels. I have no problem with that.

    My original post and my comment were aimed at the entitlement attitude so many in our country have today. That is what we need to change. Our debt, in large part, is due to the entitlements which in many cases are nothing more that wealth redistribution programs. Taking from those willing to work and produce in our economy and giving to those who won’t work.


  5. Mark says:

    Panoramia: don’t be religious bigot and ASSume that all Christian based churches are rich. You wouldn’t want me to assume anything that general about gay or race issues right? If you know anything about Christianity you know that it started specifically with the Catholic church. Baptists & generic Bible Christians read the bible, interpret it as an individual then collect money. Catholic priests are not supposed to own much other then necessities. Of course many do not & in doing so discredit themselves & there church. Someone not doing what there supposed to do doesn’t make an entire type of religion corrupt or money hungry. Most of the Catholic priests I knew growing up owned little to nothing. Many travel from parish to parish serving different communities living in a house & using a vehicle that was either donated or is on temporary loan. Also contrary to the scoffing & insulting your type of thinker is known for far less then 1 tenth of 1% of Catholic priests are involved in any accusations or accounts of molestation or sex abuse. You’ll find much higher results among doctors, dentists, employers, public school teachers etc. It is general bias towards all Christianity that causes this imbalance in reality & many peoples perspective of it. A similar bias is found in race & sex issues regarding blacks & gays. Don’t spout bs because you feel a certain way towards a religion or a person, don’t discredit all forms of a general type of religion with your false beliefs, & you won’t be a religious bigot. As far as welfare goes…IDIOTS!!! maybe you could read a history book!….look for the fall of socialist & communist societies. Often it is the poor that refuse to learn about taxes or business, or the history of their own country. People are lazy too! many are addicts to serious drugs (pot is not one) & love to collect free money to live like idiots & raise criminals breeding more & more everyday. More Welfare = More Dependent parasitic people who have found a way via uncle sam to live off the work of others. Its funny, all the people I knew who where poor as children & are rich know seem to feel even stronger about this then I do.


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