Alan Keyes Enters Presidential Race

I was surprised when I heard this. I had not heard that he was considering another run. Having said that I will admit now to being a bit torn. Alan Keyes is someone I could easily vote for. I used to listen to his radio show and unless he has changed his position on issues recently (I intend to do some research to see if he has or has not) he is uniquely qualified to be President.

Now having said that, I also don’t believe he can win….this time. I say that with sadness. If you are a conservative Christian voter I encourage you to check him out. You will not be disappointed (again, unless he has changed recently).

Now, since there are two candidates that I can support, the question is which one. So here is what I propose…..a Thompson – Keyes ticket. I think this would be a formidable tandem and would set Keyes up as the front runner in 8 years. What do you think….sound good?


One Response to Alan Keyes Enters Presidential Race

  1. billphillips says:

    There was a Republican debate on Monday, and they replayed the highlights on Way of the Master Radio on 9/18.

    Alan Keyes was fantastic, and I like the Thompson – Keyes ticket.



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