Dilemma Faced By Young Calvinistic Pastors In The SBC

Timmy Brister wrote an interesting post discussing the dilemma facing seminary students who want to be pastors in the SBC. Timmy is a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary so his post describes something that he is personally facing.

I can’t really add to anything that Timmy has to say but I do want to say that this is a situation that must be resolved and sooner rather than later. We can’t allow this theological difference split our churches or our denomination. Don’t get me wrong..I am not suggesting that the difference is minor. It is not minor but we have to find a way to coexist and prosper within the SBC. God will not be glorified if we cannot do that.

There is a conference in November that will discuss the issue of the growth of Calvinism in the SBC from both sides. It is being held at Ridgecrest in Asheville, NC. Click here for details.


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