2007 Tennessee Women’s Basketball Schedule

Here is a printable .pdf schedule for the defending National Champion Lady Vols.


2007 Tennessee Men’s Basketball Schedule

Here is a printable .pdf schedule.

Go Vols

Alan Keyes Quote On The Income Tax

“Tyrannical taxation, and excessive government spending and borrowing, are not only threats to our economy—they erode the resource base of our freedom and our moral responsibility. The income tax is a 20th-century socialist experiment that has failed. Before the income tax was imposed on us just 85 years ago, government had no claim to our income. Only sales, excise and tariff taxes were allowed. We need to return to the Constitution of economic liberty that our Founders intended to be a permanent bulwark of our political liberty. The income tax in effect makes us vassals of the government—the politicians decide how much income we can keep. No mere ‘reform’ of this slave tax, such as flattening the rate, can correct its fundamental denial of control over our own money.”

— Alan Keyes

Ronald Reagan Quote on Liberalism

“[T]he American people are beginning to fit it all together. They’re beginning to realize that under the leadership of the liberals, that once-proud Democratic Party, a party of hope and affirmation, has become a party of negativism, a party whose leadership has changed it from the party of ‘yes’ to the party of ‘no’ —’no’ to the balanced budget amendment and the line-item veto, ‘no’ to holding down taxes and spending, ‘no’ to the death penalty and the school prayer amendment, ‘no’ to adequate defense spending and a Strategic Defense Initiative. The American people are beginning to understand that in all these ways the liberal leadership has been saying no to them… The public is beginning to realize that this election is a referendum on liberalism.”

Ronald Reagan

Ending Abortion

Source:  “Ending Abortion” posted at Arminian Today

This is a very meaningful post about one of the biggest issues we face today.  How do we end abortion?  The author gives 4 things the church can do to bring an end to this barbaric practice of child sacrifice.  I pray that we will do these things and that God will bless us and abortion can be stopped in our country and anywhere else that it is legal.

Man vs. Woman


Anyone believe that this is not an accurate presentation………