Quote by Sgt. Roger Helle on Politicians Who Hate Our Country

“I want to believe that some of our politicians are just blinded to the truth of what we are facing, but reality tells me that there are some in politics who hate everything that this country stands for and want to see us defeated, again, by our enemies. But this enemy is unlike any that we have ever faced. May God help us to stand for what we believe, or we will certainly fall before the onslaught of radical Islam.”

— Sgt. Roger Helle (USMC Ret.)

Source:  The Patriot Post


6 Responses to Quote by Sgt. Roger Helle on Politicians Who Hate Our Country

  1. Kathi says:

    I’d like to address this note to Sgt. Roger Helle himself. I recently went to a local 2nd hand store and like I usually do, I perused the book section. There under piles of paperbacks was a book titled My War Beyond Vietnam. I read the back and realized it was a true story and one that went from fighting enemies in the flesh to enemies of the spirit. Being a Christian mom with a 16 year old son who is just chomping on the bit to become a Marine himself, I bought the book. I haven’t read it yet, but Googled your name and found that you are still alive and well as I read your quote on today’s politicians. I will also have my son read your book so that even though he is 16 and just wants to get the enemies of our country, that he needs to also be on guard for the enemy of our souls. Thank you for you service to our country and for the example of Christ you have set in your life. Blessings to you and your family!


  2. Tom says:


    I wanted to make sure that you understand that I have no affiliation with Sgt. Helle. I found his quote and felt it was worthy of being shared.


  3. Michael Hudson says:

    Hey Rodger, how are you doing? It has been a long time since Teen Challange days. I stumbled across your name, as I am Looking for My Pastor from back in the 90’s. His Name is Pastor Jim Koontz, but since there are 3 or 4 ways to spell it, and I don’t recall which. If you havn’t placed me, I am sure you remember Janet Eyer. Of course now my boy Michael is 27 and Elizabeth 22. I’m sure your kids are grown too, I only remember Jamie. Well take care and God Bless. I am in Milwaukee Now. I go by DreamTravler@att.net I bet you’re still jogging, and I bet god’s probably given you another set of knee caps. I am all broken up myself. To many on the job injuries. The last one, in May of 2000, I had a Mild Tramatic Brain Injury, and lost most of my short-term memory. Today is the second day, after 10 years, that I am finally receiving treatment to help restore my memory. Even a little would help, because as it is, I have only a 2 day memory, which is better that it was, which was one day. With my healthy sense of humor, I bet I could do stand-up comedy, as long as there is a tele-promter. Say hello to Shirley for me, and maybe if you hear from my wife or kids, please tell them I love them and am always praying for their saftey. I send mail, but sense I never receive a reply, I’m not even sure who is even alive. All is well In Christ though. Keep sharing the Power of His Love.


  4. Michael Hudson says:

    I get it now. Yes Tom, it is a very poingant comment. Knowing Rodger for years myself, he is an amazing man, as he is probably still jogging, against Docters Orders, But not against Gods. You see, he lost both his kneecaps when a white phosperous granade exploded, and I believe he did something brave that day, like saving some of his buddies, at his own expense. He also has a twin Brother, but I had never met him, and do not even know if he survived Nam. I don’t recall Rodger saying anything, which is probably not a good thing. To many people died that should not have even been fighting. I was Navy, served two terms. That was enough for me, but I would do it all over again. God Bless all


  5. Jon Cleator says:

    Ive have known Roger quite a few years myself he is a great man.


  6. sandrow belanger says:

    I would like to meet or at least speak to Roger. He has been an inspiration to me as a fellow military man. Keep up the Lords work Mr Helle. God Bless!!!!!


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