Legalize Same Sex Marriage?

Found this post over at Reformed Baptist Fellowship.  It is short and gives three very good reasons why same sex marriage should not be allowed.  The three reasons are:

1. Because there is such a thing as right and wrong.

2. Because the government has a solemn obligation to create laws which protect society           and promote the public good.

3. Because same sex marriage steps out onto a perverted slippery slope.

Read the post to see if you agree with his reasoning.


9 Responses to Legalize Same Sex Marriage?

  1. Chris says:

    I agree, except 3) has already been permitted by so called interracial marriage and Christians warned that allowing such an abomination would lead to other counterfeit marriages such as same-sex marrriage. Sadly they were proven right. However two wrongs do not certainly make a right and just because one evil has been allowed it doesn’t mean its permissable to allow another. On the contrary, all the more reason to fight against “gay” marriage while we still have a chance!


  2. Twain says:

    Oh my, what kind of site is this? TO WHOEVER RUNS “THE EVERYDAY CHRISTIAN” what is going on here? I thought this was a site that promoted real Christan values. Then I read the comments of this artical and find bigotry slapped across your site! While I whole heartedly agree that homosexuality is a sin, I can believe that interacial marriages are immoral. God loves all his children, and If a black person and a white person enter into a loving marriage under god, well then I dont think that can be called a perversion or a sin. I plead with you that if you are the christian this had me believing you were, and you dont agree with that senseless hate then please remove chirs’s comment


  3. lindsay says:

    this site is [Edited by Tom]
    who [Edited by Tom] are you ppl anyway?! what [Edited by Tom] is wrong with gay marriage, everyone has a right to love whoever they fall inlove with. As humans we have the right to freedom, but what kind of freedom doesnt allow gays to do as they wish, theyre not bothering or touching you, so shut [Edited by Tom] up.


  4. Tom says:


    Bad language will not be tolerated. You are free to express your opinion here as long as you do it in an appropriate manner. If you can’t, then keep your opinion to yourself.

    Now, to a side point. Bad language does not strengthen an argument….it actually shows that there may be a weakness in the argument. In other words, if you must rely on bad language to drive home your point then your point cannot stand on its own and is probably not worth making.

    If you wish to discuss you point in a more appropriate manner I would be happy to discuss it with you. Otherwise, I am not willing to waste my time.


  5. seekeronos says:

    I must take exception to Chris’s comment to the effect that interracial marriage was the beginning of the slippery slope.

    As someone who is happily married to a woman of a different race than myself, with a bi-racial child whom I’ve dedicated back to God as my firstborn, I see no application of such a Biblical standard as once was delivered to the ancient Israelites regarding the Old Testament miscegenation laws (intended at a time when Israel was still relatively fewer in numbers and subject to mixing with the unbelieving heathen nations around them, and especially the reprobate Canaanites and their Nephilim remnants living in their midst).

    But in this age, Christ has opened the door to salvation to the Jew and the Gentile alike.

    Application of the “be ye not unequally yoked” in terms of mixing of the human races is also inappropriate and misapplied: that verse has to do with believers taking unbelievers for their husbands and wives.

    And beyond that, it allows tolerance (in 1 Cor. 6, if I am not mistaken) for where one partner of an unbelieving couple comes to belief, the other partner is not cut off but rather sanctified through the first partner’s belief.

    Please, Chris – I ask you to pray over this and reject this distressing and divisive idea – for Christ has fit all believers into His Body regardless of skin colour and other details of outward appearance.


  6. Samantha says:

    isn’t god supposed to love everyone last time i checked? Its not like people can help what they are or what they’re attracted too. I stumbled onto this site while i was looking for a quote to put in my speech that im doing in school on legalizing same sex marriage and it made me really mad to see this. I mean like what would you do if you had a gay child?


  7. Tom says:


    Thanks for checking out my blog…even if you just “stumbled onto” it.

    You are correct…God does love everyone but He does not love sin. People were created in God’s image but that image has been corrupted by sin. The Bible tells us that sin entered the world through the actions of one man…Adam. Once it was here it was passed on to every person who descends from him. Click here (Total Depravity) to read a post addressing this issue. Also, click here (Consequenses of Sin) to read about the consequences of sin.

    Its not like people can help what they are or what they’re attracted too.

    This is a misconception that you have. People can only choose from their nature and their nature is sinful. But the nature can only influence us…we are still the one who make the choices. That means that we can choose not to do the things our nature wants us to. As such, people may not be able to help who they are attracted to because of their sinful nature but they can choose not to act upon that attraction.

    I mean like what would you do if you had a gay child?

    I hope this is not a situation that I will ever have to face. I have 3 daughters (ages 11, 7, and 8months). But if I did, I would like to think I would: 1) Love my child, 2) Pray for my child to be delivered from that sinful lifestyle choice, and 3) Tell my child that their choices are sinful and that God calls it an abomination.


  8. marilyn says:

    everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to repent of their favorite sins.preachers don’t want to preach on sin and repentence of sin being a requirement for salvation,so as a result we have churches overflowing with false professors/apostate christians.most “professing christians”thinks like the lost and acts like the lost world .they drink alcohol,do drugs,commit adultery,incest,gamble,etc,etc,etc.just like the lost world and go to church when they feel like it. their preachers know it and don’t say a how are you going to convert the lost to christ when the lost see the ‘saved’ living like the lost? yes i am a born again believer in JESUS CHRIST and i believe HIS WORD, i don’t question HIS word or twist it to fit sin.those that do dont believe it in the first place and will still be on earth after the rapture. they will have to endure GOD’S wrath during the great tribulation,maybe then some will wake up to all of satan’s deceptions.if the present is any indication i don’t think heaven will be overcrowded at all.come on america GOD says what HE means and means what HE says,so get your kjv 1611 READ IT AND BELIEVE IT……


  9. Tom says:


    I agree with just about everything you have said but I have one off topic question. Why do you single out the KJV 1611? Do you believe that the modern translations (my favorites are the ESV and NASB) are not accurate?


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