Rapid Acceleration in Human Evolution??

The title to the article (found here) got my attention. How about you?

You might be curious to know what we are evolving into but they are not talking about Darwinian Evolution. The article is discussing the changing characteristics within the human species….this is know as micro evolution.

The genetic changes have related to numerous different human characteristics, the researchers said.

Let me be clear, I do not discount micro evolution (if we must call it that). Changing characteristics can be observed in almost every living thing as they adapt to their environment. There are numerous causes for the changing characteristics. The article lists a few:

Many of the recent genetic changes reflect differences in the human diet brought on by agriculture, as well as resistance to epidemic diseases that became mass killers following the growth of human civilizations, the researchers said.


The changes have been driven by the colossal growth in the human population — from a few million to 6.5 billion in the past 10,000 years — with people moving into new environments to which they needed to adapt, added Henry Harpending, a University of Utah anthropologist.

The article then moves on to discuss the favorable gene mutations.  By definition, a mutation is a loss of information and is always bad.  There can not be a beneficial mutation.  So how do we explain the changes that are taking place?  First, we have to look at what the Bible says.  For that we must look at the creation account as in Genesis.  We see there that God created…everything and it was GOOD.  Once He finished, on the sixth day and after He had created man He said it was VERY GOOD (Genesis 1).

So what happened?  Sin!  Sin entered the world (Genesis 3) and things have been deteriorating ever since.  We (Adam and Eve) were created perfect.  Once sin entered the world our bodies (and all creation) became corrupt and the corruption is slowing destroying what God created.  I would suggest that the mutations (which are always a loss of information) are the result of the deterioration.

Having said that I also want to point out that we have a hope.  That hope is in Jesus Christ.  He died for our sins and restored our ability to have a relationship with God.  Jesus will return one day for the purpose of completing that restoration.  Trust in Him.  Call upon Him.  If you do, you will be welcomed into the family of God and be restored into that relationship with Him.  Don’t rely on man’s explanations…on man’s failed theories.  Turn to the one who was there and is the source of all hope and truth.