David Limbaugh Makes A Plea To Fred Thompson

This is an article where Limbaugh evaluates each of the candidates and ends with a plea to Thompson.  It is a brief but good article.

Seeing this from David it makes me wonder where Rush stands on the candidates.  Rush has been very careful not to endorse anyone yet.  Every now and then though, he makes comments that lead you to believe that he is leaning toward one candidate personally.  Today was one of those instances.  Rush said something along the lines that there was only one true conservative in the Presidential race.  That can only be Thompson.

An endorsement from Rush Limbaugh would be a huge boost for any candidate.  I am sure that he has his reasons for not endorsing anyone but if he is leaning toward Thompson I wish he would say so (but only because I am a Thompson supporter).  It is time for the rest of us to get behind Thompson.  Be vocal!  Tell everyone you know who you support and why and maybe we can continue the momentum Thompson seems to be gaining right now.


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