List Of Over 200 SBC Bloggers

Tony at SBC Voices is compiling a list of all known SBC bloggers.  He has posted a list of over 200 so far.  Click here to see the list.


4 Responses to List Of Over 200 SBC Bloggers

  1. hey man…thanks for linkin to my blog…I’d like to hear about your church and your ministry…what part of tennessee are you in? Are you a seminary student as well?


  2. Tom says:


    I live in a very small town (population about 5700) in northeast Tennessee. I can be in North Carolina in about 20 minutes or Virginia in about 30 minutes. I am not a seminary student. I attend a SBC church where I serve as a deacon and teach an adult sunday school class as well as a junior youth discipleship class. I also serve on the church council. My church is very small…attendance is about 80 on Sunday mornings and about 30 on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

    Studying theology has become a hobby of mine in the last 1.5 or 2 years. It started when I began to study reformed theology. Before that I had no interest to study theology and really did not think it was all that important but I have changed my mind on that and now realize that THEOLOGY MATTERS. My studies consist of topics that interest me. I have recently began to look into systematic theology and Islam. I have Wayne Grudem’s book Systematic Theology and have started reading through it. I am looking in Islam from an apologetics standpoint.

    Good luck in your studies. I hope God provides you will all that you need in order to be a pastor. I do not envy you in that pursuit. I know that I am not called to be a pastor…I do not have the personality for it but I do enjoy teaching. At some point I would not mind being a teaching elder should God put me in that position. I know that elder and pastor are the same office but I am not suited for some of the duties a pastor has (counseling for example).

    I look forward to talking to you some more in the future.


  3. Hey Tom…send me an email at…I am glad to see you interested in studying theology. Theology does matter…but let me say something…while you may not be called to pastoral counseling…all of us who have been saved by the grace of God and have been shown the gospel are suited for counseling. We know the Word…if we are immersed in the word, we know what people need. Anyway, look forward to talking to you….did you just stumble on my site, or have you been visiting it?


  4. Tom says:


    I agree with you that all believers should be sensitive to the needs of others and should be able to give them comfort and direction from the Bible. But as a Pastor you have to be able to do these things sometimes without knowing the people involved very well and that takes a great deal of discernment and tact. I can and do when asked provided advice / counseling to those around me but it is not an area that God has gifted me so I struggle with what to say and how to say most of the time.

    I just stumbled across you site. I don’t remember how but probably found a link to it from somewhere else. I have now added it to my google reader so when you post something new I will be able to know and read it.


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