Rush Limbaugh Labels Huckabee A Populist

In the last week or so Rush has been taking a lot of calls from Mike Huckabee supporters.  During these calls Rush has labeled Huckabee as a Populist.  He has also stated very clearly that he does not believe that Huckabee is a true conservative.

Huckabee is my second choice at this time.  I do have some reservations about some of his policies but I really like the idea of a candidate putting his faith out there and being up front and honest about how it will affect the way he will govern.  I also like the fact that he is a Southern Baptist but I am also a Southern Baptist so I am a bit biased.

It is my belief that a persons faith cannot be separated from how they will make decisions.  A persons faith is ingrained into everything that they do and say.  As such, it is not possible to compartmentalize the different parts of a persons life (I don’t believe that Bill Clinton was able to separate his public and private lives…they are one and the same).


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