Al Mohler Examines The Ministry of Joel Osteen

I like listening to Dr. Mohler’s radio program (click here to listen online).  I don’t listen live.  I usually catch the podcast the next day.  Dr. Mohler touches on many relevant issues that face Christians today.

Last night Dr. Mohler did a show called “Taking the Measure of Joel Osteen“.  During the show Dr. Mohler mentioned that he invited Osteen to be on the show but Osteen’s people refused saying Osteen does not do radio.  This was a true evalutation of what Osteen teaches…it was not a personal attack on him personally.  Having said that, Mohler does not pull any punches and correctly points out that Osteen is teaching a false Gospel.  Listen for yourself and let me know what you think.  I stopped listening to Osteen a couple years ago when I came to this same conclusion (that he professing a false Gospel).


8 Responses to Al Mohler Examines The Ministry of Joel Osteen

  1. Chris says:

    Al Mohler is a pompous jerk.


  2. Tom says:

    It is easy to call someone names. The problem is that it detracts from any argument you make. If you disagree with him then cite specific instances and opinions he has that you don’t like. Otherwise, keep your personal attacks to yourself.


  3. Odale says:

    I learned “diet tips” from Joel Osteen and something about loving myself , but I really can’t recall much else that he said and never heard solid, biblical teaching.
    (gluttony is a sin and we are supposed to love ourselves, but he is more of a motivational speaker)
    Joel O was on 60 mins not long ago and stated that he was not called to preach about sin. . . I won’t even go into all of what’s wrong with that statement but the interviewer (Mike Wallace?) seemed taken with JO. ‘You ain’t gonna tell me I’m a sinner? What time is preachin’? ‘
    I realize it isn’t all about hellfire and brimstone, but it sure isn’t about sugar-coating, feel-good-about-me without improvement and growth in Christ, either!
    I am in fear for and grieve over what people are absorbing in their daily walk.
    Christians are vilified all over the place when the truth is spoken and speakers like JO are cheating them out of a true transformation with Jesus Christ b/c he won’t step up to the plate and say that we are required to put away the vices of sin to become redeemed (ie, no such thing as a ‘Christian murderer/ homosexual/ child molester, etc) .

    Thanks for the post and the link, Tom!!


  4. Neil says:

    Good points. In my view Joel’s theology is too wide, too narrow and too shallow. Here’s what I mean:

    Too wide: His sermons could be preached at most Western churches, mosques, mormon temples and synagogues without offense. We don’t want to add to the offense of the Gospel, of course, but by its very nature it offends people. If you are preaching it properly you will make enemies. The only way that many people could hear it without offense is if it is unbalanced and/or watered down.

    Too narrow: His prosperity gospel would make no sense to most of the world.

    Too shallow: He is also ignorant or afraid to speak clearly on various controversial topics (saying that Mitt Romney is a Christian, not knowing whether the Bible teaches about topics like homosexual behavior and whether Jesus is the only way).

    Joel may give some good self-help advice. But if you aren’t saved then Joel’s church is a dangerous place to be. You might never realize that you need Jesus.


  5. Chris says:


    You and A. Mohler can personally attack Joel Osteen.
    What is the difference? Sounds like you are a hypocrite.


  6. Tom says:


    I have not personally attacked Joel Osteen. Neither did Dr. Mohler. Since when is it considered a personal attack to examine what someone is PUBLICALLY teaching and compare it to what the Bible teaches.

    Your previous comment was:

    Al Mohler is a pompous jerk.

    This is a blatant personal attack. If you want to discuss what Dr. Mohler PUBLICALLY teaches and point out the flaws that you see, then we can have a meaningful discussion. You calling Dr. Mohler names does not help the discussion, it simply causes people to tune you out. So, please state some areas that you disagree with Dr. Mohler and why and we can discuss them.


  7. Satan says:

    Joel Osteen and Al Mohler are both minions of mine. It is well and good that they sow discord amongst the believers so that I may find my path to your souls that much easier.

    Hail Satan!


  8. Acidri says:

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