Jan 22 – Roe v. Wade Anniversary

I saw this anniversary mentioned in an article posted over at Baptist Press.  It is a day that we should all remember and mourn for the lost children.  We should also mourn for our country for allowing this to happen.  These were children sacrificed on the alter of self.  If anyone tells you that child sacrifice does not happen in our country then they are mistaken.

At this time (and all times really) we should remember our duty as Christians. We are called to protect innocent life.  How we are called to do that may be different for each of us but at the very least we should be willing to speak out against this barbaric practice.  There is nothing more innocent (in human terms) than a baby…born or unborn.  God creates all life and it is up to Him as to when it begins and ends.  We should not try to overstep our bounds by making these decision for Him….He does not need our help.

During this time…take a stand but most of all PRAY.  Pray for God to give us a revival and for God to heal us from this sinful behavior and action.  Pray that God will give us the ability to repeal this unnecessary and barbaric law.  Pray that God would heal our nation and bring us back to a point that we can be called a Christian nation again.


3 Responses to Jan 22 – Roe v. Wade Anniversary

  1. Odale says:

    Forgive me for being negative, Tom, but I do not see the majority as having a serious problem with abortion. Therefore, I see the world on a collision course and many are laughing at those of us trying to sound the alarm.

    I forgot where I read it, but Hillary sent a flyer to the constituents in SC postulating that she has taken a stronger pro choice stand than Obama. They both also voted not to help babies who survive abortions. It shouldn’t be hard to find an article (the candidates are everywhere!;-) but what struck me about that was how strange it is that the ‘norm’ is to be more for killing (sacrificing) babies than to be unsure or against.

    Someone pinged a biblically-oriented article I posted a couple of days ago that an Hispanic lady wrote against illegal immigrants breaking our laws. The ‘pinger’ took it and made such fun of the lady’s statements and scripture references that I had to blacklist the blog (a 1st for me) to keep her from doing that again. As it turns out, in checking out her blog, she’s a feminist who doesn’t think we should be ‘stuck’ keeping house and having babies. Abortion was just one of the things she thinks Christians are stupid about, there were many. I don’t understand why she would ping me to lead people to my blog, but ‘all things work to the good for those who love the Lord.’! Please pray with me about this young woman (24ish by what she said) and the ones enjoying her poisonous blog so much.

    God Bless You and thank you for letting me know this—I wouldn’t have paid attention.


  2. Tom says:

    Forgive me for being negative, Tom, but I do not see the majority as having a serious problem with abortion. Therefore, I see the world on a collision course and many are laughing at those of us trying to sound the alarm.

    You may be correct or the problem may be that most of the people are actually opposed to abortion but they are not willing to stand up and speak out against it. Neither option is desirable.

    One thing that I can’t understand is how a professing Christian can vote for anyone who is pro-murder of the unborn. I don’t want to be too harsh but I might wonder is that person is really a true member of the elect. There are certain things that we, as Christians, cannot compromise on and this is one of those issues.


  3. Odale says:

    Hi, Tom, Please allow me to clarify what I said about being ‘stuck’ cleaning house and having babies—I am sure many would love for that to be “all” they had to do (after babysitting my twin nieces, I’m exhausted!), but my thought process was in how can having a home to clean and children to love be a bad thing?

    I agree that many may not be as vocal about what goes on from a biblical stand, but with the arguments so heated about abortion, ordaining gays, and whether or not illegal immigrants should obey the law, many scriptures address the lack of understanding and how what’s right will be wrong and wrong will be right toward the end (God’s timing is not like ours).

    Any way it’s perceived, praying without ceasing is definitely in order!

    I enjoy your blog!

    God Bless You & Yours and thanks for your efforts!


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