Fred Thompson Drops Out Of Presidential Race

My 11 year old daughter just called me to see if I had heard the news.  I had just read it on Drudge just before she called.  I am saddened to pass on this news.  Click here to read Thompson’s statement and here to read more.

So, where do I go from here?  Truthfully I am not sure.  I will start examining the candidates again.  I am leaning toward Huckabee.  I won’t vote for McCain or Guiliani.  That means the only other option would be Romney and I just don’t trust him.

If you supported Thompson who are you going to support now?


3 Responses to Fred Thompson Drops Out Of Presidential Race

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tom, you know I’m a Libertarian at heart, so my vote will likely go to Senator Paul. I will vote my conscience & not just vote for who I think has a good chance to win the primary. Wish everyone would do the same. Senator Paul has a whole lot of good ideas, such as America minding its own business and otherwise promoting small government.
    I believe Governor Huckabee is a good man, however it seems that his track record in Arkansas is less conservative than I’d like. He’s shown no indication of promoting “small government”. I liken him to Jimmy Carter…. A very good man, just not someone I’m entirely comfortable with being in government.



  2. billphillips says:

    I was pulling for Thompson, and none of the others look like very good conservatives. If Romney would quit pretending there’s somthing Christian about Mormonism, and just admit it’s a totally different religion, I could maybe vote for him. Otherwise, I don’t see how I can ever vote for him even if he gets the nomination. I’ll probably vote for Huckabee.


  3. Have you thought about Ron Paul? (I don’t know that much about him)

    Fred Thompson never seemed to want the presidency enough.


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