Simple Church – Chapter 2

In this chapter, the authors discuss two churches that they did some consulting for.  This is not a made up scenario, these are actual churches that the authors spent time examining and they are sharing their findings, in detail.  One church was an example of a simple church and the other was an example of a complex church.  The churches were of similar size and circumstances.

The complex church was a typical church.  It had many staff and many programs.  There were many activities for the members and visitors to participate in.  The problem was that the programs and activities did not function together.  They were all completely independent of each other.  Each program / ministry actually had it own mission statement and they were not part of a larger cohesive statement.  As a result, the staff and programs were actually competing against each other and very little had been accomplished in the last 5 years.  There was no discernible spiritual growth among the members.

The simple church was in stark contrast to the complex church.  It has one mission statement which also served as the process to accomplish the mission of the church.  It was used to help evaluate what is being done and how effective it is.  They have only 3 primary programs.  The programs are designed to help members grow spiritually.  It is a process that has been internalized by all staff.  The church is vibrant and growing.  The church moves people from the worship service to small groups and then to ministry teams.  They are able to evaluate their effectiveness in assisting the spiritual growth of their people by the numbers in each group.  One interesting thing was that the prospective members were told in the new member’s class that they should not join the church if they are not planning to serve.  Now that is bold…but I am envious.

Unfortunately, my church is very close to the complex church.  While reading this chapter, it was almost like they were talking about my church.   I want my church to be the simple church.  As I continue to read, I anticipate that my pastor will wish that I had not purchased this book or he will embrace some of what the book says.  I am hoping for the later.


2 Responses to Simple Church – Chapter 2

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  2. john says:

    i beleive every church needs a mission statement, if not then, what doe’s that church really beleive in.


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