I Don’t Vote For RINO’s

RINO = Republican In Name Only

I have been in a dilemma ever since Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential Race.  I have made it clear that I think he was the only true conservative in the race….but he is no longer in the race…..so who do I vote for now.

My second choice is Mike Huckabee but I do have a few doubts about him but he is someone I could trust.  That is big for me.  Now the problem…I don’t think Huckabee can win at this point.

That leaves Romney or McCain.  Romney reminds me of a used car salesman.  There is something about him that I just don’t trust.  After all, you don’t get elected in Massachusetts as a true conservative.  I know he could have changed but what was his motivation…did he decide he was wrong previously or that being conservative would be better for his presidential bid?

McCain is a RINO (see above).  He is a democrat in republican clothing.  He and Hillary are basically the same….but she is more honest (imagine that) because she does not try to hide who see is as much as he does.  I will not vote for McCain.  Dr. Dobson agrees.  The problem is that McCain seems to have all the momentum at the moment.

So I have a dilemma….vote for someone that I could support but who has no chance of winning or vote against a RINO.  What to do?  What to do?  At this point, I am leaning toward voting against McCain which means that I would vote for Romney.  What are you going to do?  What do you recommend I do?


8 Responses to I Don’t Vote For RINO’s

  1. Robert says:

    Likely too late now as the polls are almost closed.

    Don’t be a sheep. Vote your conscience. Imagine if every voter truly voted his/her conscience & not just voted for who they think may win.



  2. What about Ron Paul? He has no serious chance, but I think he’d be the guy I would’ve liked to see come out of the GOP.

    I do hope Obama defeats Hillary–but we won’t know for a while.


  3. Robert says:

    Liquid Egg Product,

    I voted for Ron Paul, even though he, realistically, doesn’t have much chance. Therefore, I walked away from the poll with a clear conscience. He’s the person I choose. Of course, knowing Tom as I do, I know he won’t/can’t vote for Paul, but I agree with you. Having said that, Huckabee is my 2nd choice. This is now the morning after & I was pleased to see how well Governor Huckabee did in Tennessee.

    I wish we had two votes in the primary. First & second choice. That way, one of our two top choices would get some delegates.



  4. dannyvice says:

    I have a question for Conservatives who claim that there is something honorable about not voting for McCain. Who spend more of their time beating down a fellow Republican, while ignoring the extreme liberal forces that are about to kick their butts completely out of every branch of government.

    This is not just about who will be President for 4 years. It’s about preventing a complete washout of all conservative influence.. How is having only 50% of McCain’s ear worse than having zip out of a liberal dictatorship who thinks all conservative thought is archaic?

    What is honorable about sitting on your butt at home, refusing to vote – allowing all branches of government to be swarmed by RABIDLY liberal opponents who have vowed to undo everything conservatives have fought to achieve over the past decade?

    I hear endless whining and griping from Conservatives – while the extreme liberals, who are bent on reversing every conservative principal – out number us at the polls nearly two to one. Is that principal or is that do conservatives just have a death wish to see our country turn to the extreme left (who has no problem getting their hind ends to the polls)..

    What is so conservative about beating down the (soon to be) nominee who supports our troops, instead of the extreme liberals who insult our troops and degrade them every single day in front of the entire world?

    By punishing John McCain for not being conservative enough – you are really punishing all conservatives by making absolutely sure they will be governed by radical, rabid liberalism for the next 4 to 8 years.

    By stomping your feet and refusing to help, you in turn assure that the laws of the land will have few conservatives in a position of power to stop a runaway liberal train that will further infiltrate our school, explode your tax burden and socialize every part of your life it can.

    If you must be dragged to the polls, then don’t bother complaining when our courts are swarmed by the liberals who will put judges in power.

    Please think twice before punishing the rest of us conservatives, who may not love McCain, but are smart enough to realize the living nightmare that will ensue, if things continue on the path they are going.

    I see nothing conservative about being so focused on the anthill, you completely ignore the volcano that’s about to wipe your entire cause out. That is not principal. That’s political suicide. Will conservatives ever learn?.

    Danny Vice


  5. Tom says:


    I understand exactly what you are saying….I am just tired of having to vote for the lessor of two evils. The sad thing this election is that we have someone who is claiming to be a conservative but his record clearly says he is not. McCain will not govern as a conservative, he never has…he is pandering to conservatives for their votes but once he gets elected he will run to the democrats and help them to implement their agenda. So, I ask you, what is the difference between electing Hillary or Obama or McCain. There is no real difference except on the war on terror. I do think McCain will be much better than either democrat on the war.

    I think the true conservatives are being forced out of the republican party. The leaders on want us around when they need our votes. Otherwise we are supposed to keep our mouths shut and stay out of the way. It is time to take back the republican party or for conservatives to leave the party and see how the moderates/liberals can do on their own.

    McCain is a RINO and does not deserve our votes just because he is the nominee. He in not entitled to our votes just because he claims to be a republican. He will not be a good president if he is elected. Conservatives are the heart of the republican party…it is time we recognize that and begin to provide true conservatives for us to vote for. What happens when a true conservative runs…..He WINS. McCain does not give us that conservative choice.

    I am a bit startled that you suggest that we should vote for what some would consider the greater good instead of our principals. It is not “political suicide”. It may enable, or even ensure, a democratic win but at some point we have to vote our principals, if we have any. In the past I have voted for the greater good but I am tired of it. I am tired of being taken for granted. I am tired of politicians of all parties being more interested in getting elected than doing what is best for our country. I am tired of politicians ignoring the Constitution or using the courts to change its meaning. Were does it stop? It does not stop until we make it happen. It is time to make it happen. When will people learn that lesson?


  6. Robert says:

    So, Tom, are you considering voting for a 3rd party in the general election? I honestly don’t even know who those candidates will be, but there will be some there from the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, etc. I think even the Prohibition Party is fielding a candidate.
    I’m really starting to dislike all politicians – on both sides. Sad.



  7. Tom says:


    Yes, I am considering voting for a 3rd party candidate if there is one that I can stomach. I am also considering not voting in the general election.

    What’s more…I am actually thinking about changing my party affiliation. I have not changed my values but the republican party seems to be in the process of going away from the things that I can identify with. If that is the case then I will be looking at another party. I have been looking at the Constitution Party a little bit lately. Don’t know if I will make a change but for the first time ever I am considering it.


  8. Robert says:

    Well, then…. I applaud you for truly voting your conscience. I’ll consider a 3rd party also. IMNSHO, not voting is not an option though, even though I see your point & agree w/ what you’re saying.



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