Simple Church – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 starts with the following quote:

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  –  Hans Hofmann

This chapter discusses the need to give the church an extreme makeover.  The authors say that some churches need only some tweaking while others need to be completely redesigned.  The purpose of the redesign is to create a process which will allow the member to grow in spiritual maturity. They define a simple church as “a congregation designed around a straight-forward and strategic process that moves people through the stages of spiritual growth.”

Next the authors describe the research project that led to the writing of this book.  They wanted to find if there was a relationship between being simple and being effective.  They identified four key elements of simple churches and built their survey to test for these elements.  The key elements are: clarity, movement, alignment, and focus.

They defined clarity as “the ability of the process to be communicated and understood by the people.”  Movement is “the sequential steps in the process that cause people to move to greater areas of commitment.”  Alignment is “the arrangement of all ministries and staff around the same simple process.”  Focus is “the commitment to abandon everything that falls outside of the simple ministry process.”  Each of these is discussed in relation to how they fit together in a simple church.

The chapter ends with the example of Hezekiah as “a revolutionary for simple.”  It is explained how he brought God’s people back to the Lord.  It discusses how some of the things he did were easy and agreed to by everybody and how some of the things he did were not embraced by everyone.  Sometimes change is hard.

People are creatures of habit and we don’t like change in most instances.  In order for people to accept change they must understand why it is necessary.  Understanding must precede acceptance and commitment to the changes.  If we want to change our churches, we must first educate the people as to why.  Then we have to stay the course during the rough ride that is likely to follow.  Is it worth it?


2 Responses to Simple Church – Chapter 3

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  2. C.L. Mareydt says:

    perhaps few know the difference any more … could it be that the church is in apostasy already?


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