The question of God’s sovereignty is at the heart of all theology. The importance, or lack thereof, we place on it will influence every aspect of our theology. In most cases it seems that people make either God’s sovereignty or God’s love in the primary position of their theology. Calvinists will usually make God’s sovereignty primary while Arminians usually make God’s love primary.

Billy over at Classical Arminianism wrote a post answering this question. It is a good explanation of how classical Arminians look at the issue. I don’t agree with most of Billy’s conclusions but I respect his perspective and his passion for what he believes. I have no problem calling him a brother in Christ.

Read Billy’s post and let me know what you think.



  1. Billy Birch says:

    Thanks for the props! Even though you do not agree with “most” of my conclusions 🙂

    I wonder if Pat Robertson endorsed Giuliani a bit too early? ha ha

    And will Romney give Huckabee his points?



  2. Tom says:

    This election has been the strangest I can remember. I have talked to people much older than I am (39) and they are saying the same thing. If you are a “values” voter…we are not left with many options now. I know Huckabee is still in the race but he has basically no chance now…..why did Dobson not endorse someone about 6 weeks ago?


  3. Billy Birch says:


    For real. I think I’d vote for Huckabee (given the chance) over McCain, and obviously, McCain over Obama or Clinton (though I once flirted with the idea of either of them -being frustrated with the Republican party).

    I’m 39 as well, 40 in May. This election is by far the oddest thing I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, let alone years past. Between 9/11, Bush, and the war in Iraq, I am not too confident that the Republicans will win this year. Your thoughts . . .



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