The Hermeneutics Quiz

I ran across a link to this hermeneutics quiz and it looked interesting.  Hermeneutics is defined as “the study of the methodological principles of interpretation (as of the Bible)” by Merriam-Webster.  So basically it means how we interpret the Bible.

The quiz breaks scores down into 3 groups:  conservative, moderate, and liberal.  I scored a 38.  That puts me right in the middle of the conservative group.  Take the quiz yourself and let me know how you do.


3 Responses to The Hermeneutics Quiz

  1. 76, liberal but not extremely so. I probably would have scored 30-40 points lower 4 years ago.


  2. Sorry about last night, by the way with the sudden disappearance from FICS…my internet connection went out and didn’t come back for an hour.


  3. Robert says:

    I scored a 46, which puts me on the moderate end of Conservative. That surprises me a bit, but I had to carefully consider some of those thought provoking questions.



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