Unexpected Good News At Church Last Night


Last Sunday afternoon we had our monthly church council meeting.  These meetings are mainly used to coordinate events on the calendar.  We are sometimes able to discuss other issues.  I had an opportunity to share about Simple Church.

I had finished reading the book about a week before.  It has really changed the way I think we should “do” church.  At the meeting I was able to give a brief overview of the book and how it had changed my thinking.  I offered to loan my copy to anyone who was interested in reading it and I also suggested that maybe the church could purchase several copies for the leaders to read.  As expected, I had no takers but at least I had put the thought out there.

After the meeting as I was speaking to the pastor I gave him the book so he could take a look at it.  I did not expect him to do much more than a quick review.  He has been talking about making some changes in our church since the beginning of the year and I tried to let him know, without being too pushy, that this book was something in line with the topic of change.

Good News:

At church last night the pastor told me that he was almost finished reading Simple Church (he had only about 20 pages left to read).  That itself surprised me a bit but that was not all.  He then told me that as he was reading he would stop and think about how we could apply the principles in our church.  He was also thinking about who in the leadership he would like to get to read the book next.  He even said that he really liked the Mr. Potato Head illustration and might use it himself.  At this point I was stunned…really.  The implications of what I had heard really did not sink in until I was home later (i had a migraine and was not completely myself so I was a bit slower than usual).

Now, I am extremely excited about the possibilities.  If the pastor really gets behind this type of change the next step will be the leadership.  That will be where the first resistance may come but that bridge is probably months away.  The leadership must get behind the change and understand the need for it before any progress can be made.  But as for now, things are looking up.


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