A Great Definition Of Faith

As I am reading chapter 7 of Tom Nettles book Ready for Reformation I came across this definition of Faith. It was really good so I thought I would share it. There is no citation given so I assume this is his original definition.

Faith is a disposition of the mind and affections produced in conjunction with a true understanding of one’s own deserved misery in sin and the supreme exclusive excellence of Christ’s righteousness.

I think it points to the proper relationship between us and Christ. This is important because if we do not properly understand that relationship we will not have a correct understanding of our need for Him and our faith, if we have any, will be weak.

What do you think? Do you agree with his definition?


One Response to A Great Definition Of Faith

  1. Jon Agudelo says:

    I think it is accurate. It represents trust in Christ. A trust based on our need to depend on him and not on human things.


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