Mark Dever On How We Reflect The Image Of Our God

Your life, you see, is like one of those old Polaroid snapshots. It is slowly but surely developing into a picture of the God you worship. Before your very eyes you see in yourself the image of your god, the picture of the person or the thing you worship, coming into focus as its character is replicated in your life.

This quote is from p. 117. It is in the chapter in which Dever discusses a biblical understanding of conversion. It gives us a powerful picture of what happens in our lives. He is saying that we become what we worship. If we worship the God of the universe we will become like Him. If we worship some other god, then we will become like it.

This is very plain language telling us that we can tell the attributes of our God by looking at our lives. More importantly, others can see what god we worship by looking at our lives. What does your life tell people about the god you worship? Is it the God of the Bible? Some other god?

I was teaching this same principle to my junior youth class last night. I wish I had seen this quote before the class because I would have read it to them. I may go back and read it to them next week. I asked them to think about the kind of person they would like to be. I had them to give some characteristics of that person. Then I talked to them about the choices they make and how those choices move them toward being that person or move them away from being that person.

Do you agree with Dever’s quote? If not, why?