John Calvin And Calvinism Is Responsible For Mass Poverty In Our World?

I was reading this post over at Ancient Christian Defender.  Here is the money quote:

Calvinism’s noval interpretation of Usury is one of the causes of masses poverty in the World today. Yes, the world has always had it’s poor, but Calvinism has made it even worse.

How can you make these kinds of statements?  To say I am shocked is an understatement.  Usury is wrong and I agree that should not be practiced.  I am no expert on Calvin but even if he did hold to an erroneous interpretation of one aspect or passage of the Bible you can’t blame him for what a fallen people choose to do hundreds of years later.  One man cannot be blamed for the effects of a sinful world.  All people are charged with examining the bible for themselves to find its meaning.  Statements like this are simply ridiculous and only serve one purpose….trying to manipulate people through fear.

When you read things like this please understand that there is a motive behind them.  Always consider the motive before making any decisions concerning things you read.