Are Evolution and Christianity Compatible?

To put it simply, evolution was invented in order to eliminate the God of Genesis and thereby to oust the Lawgiver and obliterate the inviolability of His law. Evolution is simply the latest means our fallen race has devised in order to suppress our innate knowledge and the biblical testimony that there is a God and that we are accountable to Him (cf. Romans 1:28).

Pulpit Magazine published this article answering this question. The short answer is Christianity is not compatible with evolution. Anyone who tries to put the two together is misinformed. If we allow Genesis 1-11 to be redefined or evolution to be worked into it, then we destroy the foundation on which the Bible is based. Once the foundation is destroyed the remainder of the Bible will quickly fall. Do not get sucked into the false teaching of evolution or theistic evolution.


5 Responses to Are Evolution and Christianity Compatible?

  1. dracil says:

    Interesting. There are over 11,000 clergy out there who disagree.

    Though I suppose you could always say No True Scotsman to them.


  2. Tom says:

    11,000 out of how many total? Also, are they more apt to be right than non-clergy?

    I would not and could not sit under a pastor who misinterpreted God’s Word so badly. I would always be wondering what else he had wrong.


  3. dracil says:

    Ah, I see you DID invoke the No True Scotsman Fallacy.

    Given they’ve dedicated their entire life to God, I’d think they know something about what is or isn’t compatible with their faith.

    11,000 who have signed the Clergy Letter Project. Let’s see how many Creationists can gather to sign a statement saying they are incompatible.

    You say you could not sit under a pastor who misinterpreted God’s (what? Word?) so badly. That’s fine. Me personally? I could not sit under a pastor who misinterprets God’s Creation so badly.

    BTW, have you noticed that Creationism is a largely American phenomena? Ever wondered why almost no Christians outside the US (aka the majority of Christians) have any problems with evolution?

    Of course, you’re probably gonna say No True Scotsman again. 🙂


  4. Jonathan Wojcik says:

    Darwin wasn’t an atheist, never considered evolution a replacement for God, and neither do most modern scientists.

    Christians believe that every individual human being is created by God, yet they accept the fact that people have to be BORN to exist; they have to grow in a womb, descending from genetic material that was already here. How is evolution any different? As individuals must be born, so too are species. Life from life. How does that exclude the notion of an intelligent creator? A single interpretation of genesis does not make mountains of observable proof disappear…the entire “battle” between religion and science, as another has mentioned, is a purely American and fairly recent started solely by the Christian right, and not by science.


  5. It is true that Darwin never considered evolution a “replacement for God”. He, nevertheless, simply promoted evolution as the only viable explanation for life’s beginnings “without” having to use God as the source of origin.

    Also, the battle is not between religion and science but, rather, between belief and unbelief.


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