Differences Between Pelagians, semi-Pelagians, Arminians, Sub-lapsarians, and Supra-lapsarians

This article was posted over at the Society of Evangelical Arminians. The author uses an analogy to illustrate each. I am not sure if these are accurate and if they have any problems. I would be interested to see what you think of the analogies


5 Responses to Differences Between Pelagians, semi-Pelagians, Arminians, Sub-lapsarians, and Supra-lapsarians

  1. Mark Priestap says:

    Their description of Calvinists is not accurate. In the calvinist view, no one is drowning but is already dead, lying on the bottom, like the biblical story of Lazarus. In that story, Christ came, called Lazarus’ name and he came forth because God told him to. (He is the Word and His Words DO things, like save the lost and resurrect the dead).

    Hopefully that helps. 🙂


  2. Why not choose the miracle where the lady touched Jesus ‘cloak and was then healed? In that miracle she was regenerated because of her faith (Luke 8:48)

    Or how about the miracle where Jesus healed the paralyzed man lowered through the roof? In that miracle the man was regenerated because of the faith of his friends (Mark 2:5)

    My point is that basing one’s theology on a miracle is not sound. Especially ones that have nothing to do with salvation. If we based our theology on Mark 2:5 it would be our friends who save us.


  3. Tom says:


    I don’t think the point was that a person should base their theology on a single miracle or a single passage of Scripture. The examples given were just illustrations chosen for the sake of the article.

    I agree that our theology must be based on what the whole of Scripture teaches. We must be careful to be consistent with that. If our theology is not consistent with Scripture then we must change our theology….or change Scripture. If we try to change Scripture we are on the wrong path.


  4. Larry says:

    Is there really a difference between Pelagians and Semi-Pelagians? Billy Graham once said: “If God takes a thousand steps to reach out to you for your redemption, still in the final analysis you must take the decisive step to be saved. Now , we would never think of Dr. Graham as a Pelagian, but if God makes up 99% of ones salvation and the other 1% is the determining factor in our salvation than only the 1% is truly sovereign. That is not Semi-Pelagianism. The 1% embraces mans ability to save himself which renders Graham’s teaching pagan. Like Charles Finney before him Billy Graham has failed to understand the Gospel,and he is Pelagian. Semi- Pelagian is a misleading term.


    • Tom Shelton says:


      Ultimately you are correct. Either God is sovereign in all things, including salvation, or He is not. If He is not then something or someone else is. The Bible clearly teaches that God IS sovereign.


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