Nathan Finn On The Future Of SBC Calvinism

Nathan takes this issue head on in this post.  He says:

Because the SBC was formed as a means for missionary Baptists to cooperate together in common mission endeavors, it is critical that non-cooperatives on all sides of this issue get with the program or find another place to call home. I mean no ill will; non-cooperative non-Calvinists would be more at home with Independent Baptists, and non-cooperative Calvinists would be more at home in “capital R” Reformed denominations and networks. This is because both groups are more interested in furthering their pet agenda and/or mandating their personal theological convictions rather than cooperating together to make disciples of all nations.

He goes on to say that he does not believe the issue of Calvinism will split the SBC.  I agree…provided we can continue to work together to achieve our common goals.  Read the post for yourself.  Nathan makes many good points.


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